SUP Touring Fin 9″ FCSll Connect Tool Less


SUP Touring Fin 9″ Fcsll Connect Tool Less is the best affordable SUP fin ever made. It’s true. The sup touring fin shares its DNA with the Slater Trout All Rounder. It's slightly bigger to add a bit more stability and tracking. But it also sheds kelp and rounds buoys like a champ! Many of our team riders train with these because they are so durable and still perform really well. The super tough injection molded fiberglass and nylon construction is exactly what you want if you’re in a rocky or reef laden setting. Whether you’re a pro or a new paddler, good equipment makes a huge difference. But best of all It now features the FCSll Connect tool less technology which allows you to change it or move its position in a second with one motion of your hand.

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Injection Molded Nylon Fiberglass

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