The FCS Sup Kalama 9″ FCSll Connect Tool Less


This is Dave Kalama's tried-and-true design for all around SUP performance. This water legend has used his years of experience to create a fin that gives you a masterful blend of, speed, stability and maneuverability while tracking well and shedding kelp. Dave says,”It’s a great race fin, downwind fin and it also works well on waves.” There are also a couple of new features. First the new thinner foil developed by FCS and tested independently by Dave, Slater Trout and Danny Ching who all agree the new thinner foil was noticeably faster, and now share the new foil on their new fins as well! Another exciting feature is the new FCSll Connect tool less system which allows you to easily and instantly remove the fin and solidly lock it back into place with one motion of your hand. The entire FCS center fin line for 2016 now features this FCSll Connect tool less technology.

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Ultralight Carbon Sandwich Construction

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