UV Board Cover


Sun protection for your board when you need it- this is a 1-sided board cover that keeps boards up to 30º cooler vs. uncovered. It's great for on-car transportation or on-boat storage to prevent sun damage and discoloration. Slips on in seconds and fits in a backpack. Made in USA. Price ranges from based on size. 9’6-11′ = $99, 11′ = $110, 14′ = $120. Features: • Made from Koredry lycra for greater durability • Over 30º cooler vs. uncovered boards • Slips on in ten seconds • 4-way stretch to 1.5 feet • Fits in a backpack • Great for transportation on cars • Reduces discoloration

Product Details

Brand Name

Victory Koredry



Product type

Board Cover


100% Polyester

Brand Website victorykoredry.com