Photo: JP Van Swae
From left to right, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Kody Kerbox, Tucker Ingalls, Riggs Napolean and Chuck Patterson enjoying the SUP Awards.
Photo: JP Van Swae
SUP magazine editor Joe Carberry and Editor-at-Large Sam George listening backstage to the women's presentation.
Photo: JP Van Swae
Teva's ice sculpture, a highlight of the evening.  Photo: JP Van Swae
Sam George, handing out props during the evening.
Photo: JP Van Swae
The San Onofre Foundation's Jim Kempton and Jay
Danny Ching with a post-SUP Awards interview.
Anthony Vela likes SUP Magazine too.   Photo: JP Van Swae
The custom hand made trophy for the 2011 SUP Awards Presented by Teva was created by Brad Gillespie of Gillespie Outrigger Paddles. Visit

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