HOMETOWN: Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil

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-2013 National Champion SUP Surf (Brazil)
-2013 Stand Up World Tour, 4th Place overall
-2014 SUWT Hawaii, 4th Place
-2014 SUWT Brazil, 3rd Place
-2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars, 3rd Place overall

“Being the Brazilian National Champion in such a short SUP career is something I’m very honored to have achieved. Working at something I love, being in the water and in contact with the nature at most times is priceless; being able to travel to so many amazing places with wonderful friends that I met on the Standup World Tour; being able to know other cultures, people, countries; being able to push myself harder and grow as an athlete and person everyday; and just to be a part of SUP history and people’s lives is something really amazing. It’s an awesome and blessed life style.”