Bicho Jimenez

HOMETOWN: Sayulita, Mexico

Rogue SUP, Stand Up Paddle Mexico, OX Endurance Formula, La Rustica Sayulita, Revolucion Del Sueno

12th-place Battle of the paddle 2014, 7th-place Carolina cup 2015, 2nd-place ISA Worlds Standup Paddleboard Championships distance race 2015, 11th-place Lost Mills 2015, 5th-place Port Adriano race 2015

As a racer, I hope to make top-5 in the world in rankings. As a human, I hope to be able to keep coaching and mentoring the kids of Sayulita, Mexico on our youth SUP team, showing them the power of sport and teammates to give them more focus, passion and support. My goal is to become one of the best paddlers in the world, represent my hometown, and, through traveling and racing, show my team of kids that anything is possible and motivate them to follow me.