HOMETOWN: San Clemente, California

SPONSORS: Surftech, Bark Paddleboards, Ocean Minded, Maui Jim, FCS, Kona Brewing Company, Pualani Hawaii Bikinis, Sweet Waterwear, Quickblade Paddles, Winder Farms, Performance Paddling

-2014 Payette River Games, Cascade, Idaho, 1st Place
-2014 US National Championships of SUP Surfing, Surfing America Women’s US Champion
-2014 Santa Monica Pier Paddle Festival, Santa Monica, CA, 1st Place
-2014 Organizing the 2nd Annual Performance Paddling Junior Pro & Youth Sup Fiesta, the premier youth SUP

“This last year was big for me. Two hand surgeries and all of the emotions that go along with not being at the top of my game gave me a lot of time to process and work on my inner self. I learned that life isn’t all about winning titles and championships. In the end, people aren’t really going to remember you by your win/loss record or by the time you beat so-and-so. What people will really remember is the way you made them feel, and the time you took to do something beyond self-satisfaction, to make someone else’s day. In the last year, SUP has given me a platform to reach out to others and share my story of overcoming obstacles and has shown me that it’s much more rewarding to allow myself to relate to others through real life hardships and success, rather than be looking at the world from a pedestal.”