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404 SUP Race Boards, Rainbow Sandals, On-A-Mission Deck Pads and Leashes, FCS Race Fins, Vertra Elemental Resistance, Jen Optics Sunglasses, Simple Mobile, Riviera Paddle Surf

• 2012- 1st Place 12’6″ elite race Orangebowl Miami, FL 7 mile race 1/15
• 2011- 1st BOP CA Distance Race
• 2011-1st BOP HI Distance Race
• 2011- 2nd BOP HI Elite Race

“I love how versatile the sport of sup has become. It can be done by anyone, anywhere. I love the people and their passion this sport produces. I love the Battle of the Paddle. I love how competitive the races are. I love the grom races. I love being able to workout outside, on the water.”