HOMETOWN: Sayulita, Mexico

SPONSORS: Rogue SUP, Punta Sayulita, Purakai, Quickblade paddles, Vestpack

-2x Hennessy’s world champion
-2013 Battle of the Paddle(Brazil), Champion
-2014 Payette River Games Champion
-2014 Punta Sayulita Champion

“This is becoming the biggest watersport in the world and I’m thankful to all the people that are part of it, always with smiles and friendly attitudes. It’s hard to find a sport were all the athletes and supporters get along and are good friends. Plus there is no limit to the sport: oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps are all in our reach. Waves, rapids, fishing, spearfishing, yoga, get in shape, go fast, go to the OLYMPICS, it’s all there for us.”