HOMETOWN: Anna Maria Island/Jupiter-Florida

SPONSORS: Starboard, West Coast Surf Shop, Blueline Surf & Paddle Co., Surf Kinetics, OurCaste, Freak Traction, Hurricane Grill & Wings, C4 Belts, Stance

-Landed the first air reverse ever in a SUP World Tour event
-Best Result 2014:5th SUP World Tour-Alagoas Pro~Brazil

“I’d really like to be a pioneer of “SUP free surfing” and travel the world. Since my roots stem from short boarding, my goal is to make it more appealing to the aspiring youth by transferring my maneuvers and style over to my SUP surfing. I want to make it “cool” to be a SUP’r, whether it be racing or surfing, by adding more style and culture to the SUP world. There is so much more potential for growth. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.’The wave is my canvas and I am the paint brush.'”