HOMETOWN: Skofja Loka, Slovenia

SPONSORS: Naish, Red Bull, Maui Jim, Gorenjka, Mercator, GEN-I, Cybergrid

-2013 N1SCO World Championship, 1st Place overall
-2013 Nautic SUP Paris Crossing, 2nd Place overall (1st sprint race, 2nd long distance)
-2014 Standup World Series Abu Dhabi All Stars, 2nd place overall
-2014 The SUP Race Cup, 2nd Place overall

“School is theory, but SUP proved to me that we don’t become wise from what we read, but from what we experience. On the Paris SUP Crossing race I found out that some goals might change, even as we’re trying to achieve them. On Molokai2Oahu race I saw what the last atoms of my energy looks like. But in general SUP taught me to seize every single day and have fun!”