Santa Barbara, CA


Surftech, Bark, Quickblade, BodyGlove


• 2013 Jay Race, Santa Cruz, Calif., 1st Place
• 2013 US SUP Tour, San Clemente, Calif., 1st Place (surf race)
• 2013 US SUP Tour, Hungtington Beach, Calif., 2nd Place (surf race)
• 2012 Molokai2Oahu, 6th Place (unlimited class)


“Standup paddling has kick-started a major change in my life and the course of my future. The kind of good people I’ve met, and become friends with, through this sport is priceless. The places I’ve been able to travel to and the experiences I’ve had in the last four years is astounding to me. I’ll be doing this sport till the day I die, or am in a wheelchair, whichever comes first.”