HOMETOWN: San Clemente, CA

SPONSORS: ONEILL Clothing, Riviera Paddlesurf, Maui Jim Sunglasses, OX Endurance, SUP Gladiator/Allison Race Fins, Watermans Sunscreen, Onit Pro, Indiblue, and most importantly, my very cool wife and kids for putting up with my craziness and wacky addiction for water and this great sport!

—2013, Top 10 Catalina Classic finisher.
—2012, BOP Distance Race overall winner.
—Two-time winner of the ONEILL SEA Paddle around Manhattan Island.
—Juggle full time job, kids, wife, training, racing.

“I'm a pretty simple guy who just loves to go out and paddle. I love to train in the early morning because of the peace and serenity. It's just me, the ocean and my thoughts. My hearing is not the greatest so if you call my name and I don’t respond, I'm not blowing you off. I'm incredibly thankful for what the sport has given me, from traveling to far off places to meeting people I’d never thought I’d get to meet. The sport is a lifestyle, it's a passion, and it has introduced me to so many people from all walks of life together trying to accomplish one thing: Achieving that pure glide and stoke. In the future, Id like to see the sport embrace the next generation and I'm happy to say it is already happening. There are grom programs popping up everywhere and I'm happy to see more grom races out there. I do hope that the elders of the sport can help to influence the younger generation by instilling and reinforcing the purist values the sport was initially founded upon.”