HOMETOWN: Avoca Beach, Australia

SPONSORS: Naish, Zeal Optics, Beakers EBR

-2014 represented Australia at the ISA Games in Nicaragua
-2014 1st Place New South Wales, Australia State Championships
-2013 3rd Place Water Warrior Race

“I think standup is going in the right direction but I’d like to see the race scene a little more organized. There are so many different tours/series that there are multiple world champions each year. It would be cool to see one tour that gets all the best paddlers to each race. Also it would be great to have a world-class race and surf contest in Australia. The growth of the sport in Australia is a bit slower then the states and in Europe so I think if there was a massive week of racing and surfing it would help the growth of the sport in here, which would be great to see.”