Monca Notar. Photo by Marko Notar

SUP Women | Monca Notar

Age: 21
Known for: European SUP Racer, Slovenian Icon

This is the fourth installment of a seven-part series that will be highlighting seven inspiring ladies who have made an impact in our sport. This is part of our feature, Real Talk, which originally ran in our 2016 Women's Issue. 
SUP: Kicking off your SUP career, you were the youngest European woman to complete the Molokai 2 Oahu relay. What have you noticed about the evolution of women's racing since your breakthrough?

Manca Notar: The competition's gotten way stronger and the women are getting faster. I think that's attracting more people now, too. Before it seemed like people only saw the men's competition as interesting, but now when you look at the women, so many girls are so fast. It's really exciting for both spectators and athletes.

Who were your greatest role models in the sport when you started racing and what's your relationship with them now?

I really looked up to Angie Jackson and Candice Appleby. Now they are both my role models and friends, which is really cool.

How does it feel to be racing along side them?

When I first met them I still felt like I wanted to be them, but being next to them on the starting line is like, "Alright, now I want to beat them."

You compete against both veteran athletes and up-and-comers. What differences do you notice between the generations?

In Slovenia, the competitive adult paddlers are mostly guys; there are a few girls but not many. But it's funny, most of the kids getting into SUP now are girls. I think the girls are going to get really strong.

What's it like to be a role model to the younger generation?

It's really inspiring to visit a new country and meet a few girls who actually know me. It makes me really happy to share my love for the sport and maybe show them something new that could stick and help them in the future. Someday they may be racing with me and that's really cool.

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