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Some people just don't stop moving. Take Redondo Beach, California local paddler, Tamara Lentz, for instance. Tamara stays busy as a competitive racer and SUP surfer, an expedition paddler and a spin instructor, as well as a surf shop manager and mom. Here, she tells us how she stays energized, about her philanthropic efforts and some of her favorite go-to SUP gear. —Shari Coble

You surf, teach spin, play beach volleyball, and SUP, on top of managing a surf shop and raising a son; how do you stay fueled to keep active?
I love food. I'm not a huge alcohol or soda drinker. [I drink] lots of water and drinks with electrolytes, and I make sure I get all the basic healthy food groups. I love fruit and vegetables—and sweets every once and awhile.

Tell us about the philanthropic expedition you completed last spring.
I joined a group of amazing, fun people that paddled 21 miles on Day One from Terrenea Resort to Twin Harbors [at Catalina Island]. On Day Two, we ran the Catalina Marathon (26.5 miles), and on Day Three we paddled back 21 miles. It was one of the most amazing things I have accomplished, all for Callie's Cause (foundation fundraising for epilepsy research).

Can you share some information with us about your current fundraiser?
I wanted to do what I love (SUP) for a cause (epilepsy) as well as raising enough to do the Pura Vida race in Costa Rica. So, I combined the two and donated a portion to kids with epilepsy. I had epilepsy when I was younger so I want to do that this upcoming year when I race—race for a cause.

What's been your greatest challenge in SUP?
Finding time to train and money to do the races I want to do [is most challenging]. I love being on the water; it makes me happy no matter what, so I find ways to make it work.

You're into a few of SUP's niches; between racing, expedition paddling, and paddle surfing, which is your favorite?
Paddle surfing is my favorite. I love the adrenaline when dropping into waves on my surf SUP, and surfing with all of my favorite people. My nickname is Buckles because I have buckled every standup surfboard I have owned going out on crazy days.

Are there any female-specific SUP items you can't go without on your SUP sessions?

I love my activewear from O’Neill when I paddle my raceboard; when I standup surf I love my bright-colored Roxy full suits and spring suits.

Donate to Tamara’s fundraising efforts here.
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Tamara Lentz

Tamara Lentz and friends during their philanthropic expedition at Catalina Island. Photos courtesy: Lentz