Yesterday we had the chance to rent some bikes and explore Amsterdam. The city is amazing and has so much to explore. The Dutch love their bicycles as a primary mode of transportation. With the maze of canals through the city, I don't think it will be long until they are trading their bikes for paddleboards.

This morning I am giving a presentation on stand up paddle boarding to the Dutch media. I am hoping to share the sport with them and let them know that their city has an amazing opportunity to become a hub for standup paddling.

The best way to see Amsterdam is by water. What better way to explore the canals than on a stand up paddle board! If you are a paddler this should definitely be on your stand up paddle bucket list. This video is not even 1% of the amount of canals and waterways you can explore here!

After exploring the city with the local Fanatic SUP crew I headed back out for a short training session. It was pretty funny paddling through all of the canals and having all of the local and tourists staring and taking pictures. Amsterdam is definitely an exciting place to paddle with plenty of scenery. Paddling through the heart of the Red Light District was an experience that I will never forget. There is no where else in the world you can paddle 10 ft. from 'Coffee Shops' and 'Please Emporiums'. Amsterdam is much more than this sleazy strip of real estate though. I highly recommend visiting the city and exploring it on a stand up paddleboard. We only had a day, but you could spend a year winding through the hidden canals of the city.

We are getting ready to catch our train to southern France where I will be racing. Updates coming again soon!

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