If leaving Tahoe's snow and ice in the middle of the night and driving all morning to reach a much warmer Redondo Beach, Calif. felt like traveling to a different world, then loading up a sail boat with standup boards and camping gear and sailing to Catalina Island felt like time travel.

As a member of the Tahoe SUP Project: Explore team, it is my first time on Southern California’s Catalina Island, so all of the sights are new to me. The trip across the channel was a little bumpy but now, sitting moored in Two Harbors just after sunset, the peaceful easy feeling is setting in.

Over the next three days myself and fellow Tahoe paddlers, Whitney Wall and Dave Defoe will be paddling around the island, some 50 miles of coastline. Not a remarkable distance by most standards but the mission of the project is to explore and experience the island and document an area worth sharing with others.

The plan seems loose, which is the kind of travel I enjoy. Along the way we'll be meeting up with some locals who have the place wired : Spear fishing, rock climbing and mountain biking are on the agenda and of course paddling along this striking and fabled coastline.
I know I'm going to sleep well tonight, its been a long freakin' day. Transporting to different worlds can be exhausting.
Ron Ayres

SUP magazine will be riding along with Tahoe SUP over the next few days as they film for an upcoming standup movie.