When Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis left on the Kuzi Project, a downwind mission on the wild east coast of Africa, they expected adventure. In that respect, they were successful. But part of the adventure came at a life-threatening cost: a couple weeks into the trip while on one of the remote islands off of Mozambique, Warren was bitten by a spider, which he suspects was a relative of the recluse family. It was serious. The bite got infected, Warren went into septic shock and had to return to Pemba, a port city in Mozambique, to receive antibiotics and a “savage African surgery.” Things got worse before they got better but Warren was eventually well enough to return to the States for Western diagnosis and treatment.

“In Africa, they don’t have the ability to give the tests or the kinds of antibiotics I needed. There was also serious risk of the infection spreading into my joint and then I might have been risking an amputation. Or even death, ” he told SUP magazine.”I went to the hospital here and it’s looking like it's going to be totally fine.”

Warning: the video below contains some graphic content and language. If you have a queasy stomach you might not want to watch this.

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