Why are the things you love better when you’re not at home? Maybe because you don’t have to go to work? All you have to do is go for s$%*. And it’s as if standup was made for traveling. Standup boards are starting to infiltrate every corner of the globe so all you need is the airplane ticket.

With that in mind, the SUP mag team set out yesterday to explore the back bays of Costa Rica’s Paya Zancudo Penninsula. We tried our best to troll for rooster fish with some heavy duty fishing setups, but an hour of sweat and balancing a rod between our legs yielded nada.

We followed that up with a stop at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary, where Carol Crews and her squad takes in injured animals native to Costa Rica from two-toed sloths, to macaws, to monkeys–most refugees from Costa Rica’s wayward pet trade.

Crews has lived her passion like many U.S. expats here, coming to Costa Rica to find a little piece of their own remote paradise in the jungles of a country that boasts a sparse population of 4.7 million.

After another fine meal of fresh fish at the Zancudo Lodge followed by sleep, beautifully uninterupted sleep (thanks mom and dad for taking the groms), we were on the boat by 7 a.m. on our way to some of Costa Rica’s finest surf breaks (which will remain unnamed here).

We styled head-high lefts until we were stuffed and had to be wheeled off the boat. The Zancudo provides these sick little mini Indonesia-esque boat trips. The only difference, save the beautiful, spitting barrels? You don’t have to spend the night bobbing on the ocean fighting sea sickness. You come home to stellar food, a pimpin’ bar and a soft bed. Yeah, everything’s better when you’re traveling.