Traveling rules. There’s nothing like it. The people. The logistics. The smells. The risk. The reward.

Right now, thanks to the Zancudo Lodge in southern Costa Rica, SUP magazine art director Rob Zaleski, Starboard team rider Sean Poynter, Jenelle Carberry and myself have reached the southern most tip of Costa Rica for the surfing , the touring and the downwinders. And yes, the Zancudo Lodge is the bomb. Great food. Fantastic lodging. A pimp-like swimming pool. And empty beaches.

We departed L.A. on Sunday night, caught a redeye from Denver to San Jose, caught a puddle jumper to Golfito, a ten-minute cab ride, followed by a 25 minute boat ride to Z Lodge.

Today we bombed a three mile downwind run from way out in the open ocean back to Zancudo as the wind was blowing onshore. Super sick. The thing I love about downwinders? Great excercise and they’re not too gnarly. Meaning everyone can have fun on them. You can catch open ocean swell, or just paddle if you’re feeling intimidated and the wind is at your back.

Zancudo doubles as a fishing lodge so we ended the day watching the fishing clients drag a 225-pound tuna off their boat. Entrails were then fed to the saltwater crocodiles waiting by the dock for their evening fill. One good-ol’-boy New Jersey fisherman had a dorado carcass tied to a rope and was trying to real himself in a croc. More field notes to come this week as the SUP mag team awaits a macking swell predicted for midweek. Boat trippin’ galore..