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Happy New Year, all! Cheers to our sport for always looking forward to something. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez ? #PPG2015

Pro Activity | SUP’s Top Pros Share Resolutions, Plans and Goals for the New Year

It's New Year's Eve 2015—the final day of what can only be described as an epic year for the sport of standup paddleboarding. We saw outstanding performances in all sectors of SUP – from Travis Grant and Sonni Hönscheid toughing out wins in grueling Molokai conditions, to Kelly Margetts turning back the clock at the Columbia Gorge Challenge, to Izzi Gomez and Caio Vaz claiming SUP surfing world titles, to Candice Appleby and Connor Baxter's dominant displays at the inaugural Pacific Paddle Games. But as we turn the pages of our calendars and look forward to a new year, it's plain to see: 2016 is going to be even better.

With the clock running out on 2015, we asked some of the biggest names in our sport to share their resolutions, hopes and goals for the New Year.

Travis Grant

"I'm definitely looking forward to all the downwind events and to Molokai, which always presents a different challenge every year. We're working on some new unlimited prototypes and I hope other guys are too so we can break more records. I want to chase speed and see just how fast we can go on standup boards. Who knows what's next with board design – maybe we'll even start to see foil boards?"

Shae Foudy

"My most important goal for the 2016 paddling season is to keep moving my world-ranking up. I'm looking for some serious results this next year, of course while still having fun. This is the year where I am going to push myself over my boundaries and out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to see the outcome."

Lina Augaitis

"For me, 2016 will be about finding balance between continuing to grow as a SUP athlete and being a new mom. Most of all I want to have fun, and explore everything that SUP has to offer. My goals are to continue to build community and a future for the sport in Canada, return to racing, and explore the water with my family."

Travis Baptiste

"I'm planning to move up to the unlimited class at Molokai and am targeting the overall win this year. To get there, I'm going to be doing a lot of strength work both through CrossFit and in other workouts. I'm also doing daily mobility work and trying to get more in tune with my body. For the rest of the winter, I'm going to be doing more SUP surfing, as well as one-man canoe, shortboarding and longboarding."

Izzi Gomez

"I want to make sure I'm completely healed from my ankle injury, and then to challenge myself by entering more races in 2016. I'm also looking forward to getting the chance to see what I can do at the Pacific Paddle Games as I didn't have the opportunity this year. Hopefully I can also fit in some more surfing trips with my brother and friends."

Casper Steinfath

"I haven't finalized all my plans for 2016, but I definitely want to do well in the world tour events. The Pacific Paddle Games will also be a highlight. Last year, Connor and I were on the beach together after the final event and we didn't know the results for about 30 minutes – he was sure I'd won, and I was sure he had. He pulled out the win because that's what Connor does, and I'm excited to compete against him and the rest of the guys and see what I can do at PPG next time."

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