SUP Grom | Graison Poledna | Liquid.

Go ahead, say it. That film looks like it could have been produced by a 12-year-old. In fact it was an 11-year-old, savvy follower, and that 11-year-old is Graison Poledna. Graison ain’t your average pickin-lickin-rollin-flickin fourth grade prepubescent. He’s a purebred paddler out of the Pacific Northwest who’s built a reputation around Puget Sound and raced the Maliko Run in Maui’s paddleIMUA competition alongside adults. His new film Liquid is a documentary about…well, liquid, and the magnanimous thrills those bound to this most nurturing element enjoy. It features testimonies from some of paddling’s most seasoned downwinders Jeremy Riggs, Art Aquino and Troy Nebeker, and it’s been endorsed by the first lady of Maui’s downwinding scene, Suzie Cooney. The film is a heartfelt testimony to the stoke that inspired each of us to start paddling; it’s good to get reacquainted with that feeling. And we have an 11-year-old to thank for it. Cheers Graison. Keep stroking the stoke.

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