Put-In/Takeout: End in La Ventana

Distance: Variable up to 12 miles

Time: Variable

Wind Direction: N

Hazards: Kiteboarders, windsurfers

Best Time of Year: October-April, but best January-March

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About the Run: Just south of La Paz, on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula, there is a small town known for its windsurfing and kitesurfing called La Ventana. The wind is supposedly more consistent than other places in Baja due to the cool air being sucked down the coast by the hot, inland air on the peninsula to the south and Cerralvo Island to the east.

My buddy Bob Stafford and I went down there last January to explore through Palapas Ventana on the promise of great downwinders and other SUP tours. It did not disappoint. It never blew less than about 18 knots a day, and it was howling at 30 knots, straight down the coast our last day. This place is perfect for those who want to get away from it all.

The resort provided two guides. They drive you up the coast as far as you want to go then you blast downwind back to the resort. If you had to bail, the beaches are generally friendly white sand with roads nearby. And the water is warm.

We went about 12 miles the last day, which was about all I could handle. NO ONE knows about this place. Yet. Very inexpensive and easy. The guides and boats take all the logistics out of it for you. I’m going back next year to explore some more.—Jeff Lipscomb

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