A Lake Erie local rounds the point off Point Abino Lighthouse, Lake Erie. Photo: Lake Erie North Shore SUP

A Lake Erie paddler rounds the point off Point Abino Lighthouse, Lake Erie. Photo: Lake Erie North Shore SUP

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If you’re American or Canadian, you’ve heard of Lake Erie. The fourth largest of five Great Lakes, Erie’s a favorite recreational getaway among paddlers, boaters, divers, fishermen and even some surfers (sure, the waves are fickle, frigid, few and far between, but the small community that chases them is as stoked as any). But it’s not the shipwreck diving or impressive sightseeing—as the pictured paddler is seen doing at the historic Abino Lighthouse—that landed Lake Erie on the 30 Lakes list. What we’re fired up about is the fact that Lake Erie is the hub of four different states, and two different countries. Meaning, a circumnavigation of Lake Erie travels paddlers through the coasts of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Canada. How many other paddling lakes allow for international travel?

A circumnavigation sounds great in theory, the 871 miles of shoreline is be a bit much for the average paddler. Luckily, there are endless routes and community areas for day paddlers, weekend warriors and family vacationers alike. And there’s no time like the present–summertime on Lake Erie is as paradisaical as the northeast gets.

A few facts:

-The five Great Lakes together make up 21% of earth’s total freshwater surface area.

-Point Pelee National Park in Lake Erie is the southernmost point on Canada’s mainland.

-Lake Erie is the warmest and most biologically productive of the Great Lakes. Take that, Lake Michigan.

Video: Surfing wind swell during Lake Erie wintertime

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