Photo Courtesy:  Geography Ink via  Lake McDonald  Facebook   page

Photo Courtesy: Geography Ink via Lake McDonald Facebook page

30 Lakes in 30 Days | Lake McDonald | Montana

Lake McDonald is Glacier National Parks biggest lake—10 miles and 472 feet deep—serene, mesmerizing and downright breathtakingly scenic. It was formed classic Ice Age Glaciers, which means the water is C-O-L-D at all times!

McDonald is surrounded by a 270-degree view of beautiful Montana mountains and forestry, pretty much the best backdrop anyone could hope for. The mountains act as a wind blocker, which means the water is commonly still and reflects the mountain peaks to make for a mesmerizing sight. Boating is rare on Lake McDonald, which makes the glossy, unpopulated water even more inviting to hop on a SUP and paddle straight into the postcard.

Once in a lifetime opportunities for wildlife sightings are everywhere around Lake McDonald, with healthy populations of animals like bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk, black bear, whitetail and mule deer. Off the water, hiking trails will take you to some extremely high peaks that overlook the lake. Or, Going-to-the-Sun road curves around the southern part of the lake, and also shows you some amazing scenic views of the entire national park. Get out there; the mountains are calling.

30 Lakes in 30 Days Project:

America is riddled with countless unsung watering holes ideal for your next SUP adventure. To highlight some of our favorite freshwater paddling locales, we're profiling 30 lakes in 30 days for the entire month of July. We'll give you the lake's local rundown, outfitting options in the area and we'll even tell you where to find the best bite and beer post-paddle. It's a resource just for you and it's brought to you by Tahoe SUP.

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