You don’t want to be under the weather when touring places like this. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Six Strategies For Staying Healthy While Traveling

By: Rebecca Parsons

Traveling is the dream.

Exploring new scenery, befriending locals, trying new foods and hunting for surf—it's got it all. But while there is much to be gained through traveling, health is often compromised.

Be it lack of healthy food options, skipping out on your fitness routine or partying too hard, your months of dedicated training may take a hit from a short trip. Nevertheless, with a little willpower and careful planning, you can easily stay in tip-top shape.

We've rounded up some tips to help you stay healthy while on the road.

Plan ahead

Do a little research before heading out. Map the locations of healthy restaurants and local supermarkets. If eating out won't match your dietary needs, do some shopping and make your own meals. Also be sure to buy plenty of fruits and veggies.

Stay hydrated

While it goes without saying that being hydrated on the water is essential, it’s just as important to remain hydrated during a trip. The pressurized cabins on planes often cause your skin and lungs to lose fluid, increasing your chances of becoming dehydrated.

Be sure and bring water on the flight to ensure you stay properly hydrated. Either purchase water once inside the airport or bring in a couple empty bottles–you can’t bring more than three ounces of fluid through airport security–and fill them at a water fountain. Your body will thank you.

Pack snacks

Whether you're flying or taking a road trip, snacks are key to maintaining proper nutrition. If you're traveling on the ground, pack a cooler full of healthy snacks and pre-planned meals. If you're traveling via air, stash some healthy, high-protein snacks in your carry-on bag to avoid greasy airline food.

Stick to your routine

It's important to stick to your fitness routine as closely as possible while on the go. If you typically hit the gym in the morning, go to the hotel gym or do some simple core and weight-lifting exercises in your room. If you're on a SUP trip, we doubt finding time to get on the water will be a problem. But if you're on a work trip and paddling isn’t an option, spend time doing cross-training such as running or swimming.

Protect your skin

A fun trip can quickly be ruined by a day of forgotten sunscreen or lack of bug spray. Be mindful of sunscreen and reapply frequently, especially if you're traveling close to the equator. A scattering of bug bites can be just as, if not more annoying than a bad sunburn. To avoid unnecessary suffering, be sure and cover up at night and apply bug spray if you're in a particularly buggy location.


This may sound like a no brainer, but more often than not sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed on a trip. Between traveling, switching time zones, and being on the water all day, your body desperately needs rest. Be sure and get a full night's sleep to make the most of your time away.


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