Boardering the Bay of Biscay on a strip of land known as “Green Spain” for its lush vegetation sits the quintessentially historic town called of Cantabria. Archeologists have found traces of civilization there dating back to the Lower Paleolithic era, and the architecture of the area reflects that of a bygone era preserved amid the surrounding jungle. Guidebooks will tell you of the region’s temperate climate and ancient cave paintings, but what they might not mention is the bounty of paddling possibilities on offer in the surrounding waters. Rolling valleys give way to a spectacular coastline comprised of rugged cliffs intermingled with intricate river estuaries, and inland from there the Cantabrian Mountains shed an array of breath taking whitewater runs for all skill levels. One cruise through this video of a few lucky paddlers enjoying all that’s on offer and you just might have your next family SUP vacation planned out for you.

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