SUP magazine’s recent “Name That Spot,” contest has been a hit, to put it mildly. It has stumped most of our entrants except for Jesse Lorenz of West Collingswood, New Jersey, who named this spot correctly and won himself a free issue of the mag and a Hyperflext Playa Hoodie for those days when it’s chilly and still firing on the Jersey Coast (like we hear it is now).

He was stoked : “I found SUP at Barnes and Noble and it’s the best looking, and best written mag out.” Thanks Jesse! Your hoodie is on the way. And not just because of your kind words.

Fear not playas’, we’re not telling where this storied wave is because the women’s prize of Victory Kore Dry tops and bottoms are still available (The only hint? It’s not in New Jersey). So Name That Spot (below) ladies and get free gear plus the latest issue of the mag. As a bonus phellas, if you still wanna’ name that spot, get it right and we’ll send you the winter issue of SUP magazine free. The only requirement besides naming the spot correctly? You gotta give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook, here.