Catherine and Jeoffrey Nathan are our kind of people. They're in the business of keeping paddlers on the water with their Coastal Urge paddling shop. Whether it's a SUP race or their nonprofit organization SUP Cleanup, Coastal Urge supports the coastal lifestyle in all its grand forms. This is the second interview in our Shop Talk series where we go directly to the front lines of the standup industry to find out how, and where, the sport is growing.

SUP mag: When did you get into the SUP phenomenon? And why?
Jeoffrey: Two years ago Peter Trow, a friend of mine and experienced waterman introduced SUP to my partner and I at the annual retailer show. We paddled around on a lake for an hour or so and were hooked. We knew SUP would be perfect for our demographic, the coastal enthusiast.

SUP mag: Where do you see the sport right now?
Jeoffrey: At a high peak where the sport is growing to new places. Costco carries boards and I love it. It means more people are out there enjoying it.

SUP mag: In your area have you seen growth and interest in SUP?
Jeoffrey: Very much so. SUP has been growing all up and down the East Coast and not just coastal. We have been selling to folks from Charlotte who love to explore the lakes around their area. SUP races have also become more popular and frequent. This January we will be holding the Third Annual Cold Stroke Classic. Races have become so popular we have expanded to hosting them outside North Carolina. This past August we held the Newport SUP Cup in New Port, RI.

SUP mag: How many boards/paddles are you selling? Have you seen an increase in your SUP sales and or rentals?
Jeoffrey: Definite increase. Prices of boards and packages have come down. More and more people from all over have been buying SUP equipment.

SUP mag: What kinds of boards/paddles are people buying?
Jeoffrey: Really all kinds. Probably the most popular is a combo set up that allows for both exploration and surfing.

SUP mag: What is the biggest accessory right now?
Jeoffrey: Leashes and paddle board carrying bags. No question.

Chad Randol

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Photo by Tyler Hustrulid