2014 SUWS Finals: Long Distance Race Highlights

Kai Lenny and Fiona Wylde came out victorious from Saturday’s Long Distance race at the 2014 Standup World Series Finals on Oahu. With heavy surf along Oahu’s fabled North Shore, competitors battled the conditions as well as one another for 13 miles from Turtle Bay Resort to the finish line at Haleiwa.

2014 stand up world series finals, kai lenny

2014 Standup World Series Finals Long Distance Champion Kai Lenny. Photo: Waterman League

With the Men’s SUWS Title already secured by Connor Baxter in Huntington, the boys battled for top finishes to count towards event rankings as well as the overall World Series Rankings. Local paddler Riggs Napoleon came in second to Lenny after an impressive race where he took down Mo Freitas, Jake Jensen and numerous other top racers.

On the women’s side, with the Title still up for grabs, Angie Jackson and Sonni Hönscheid rounded out the second and third places behind Wylde, overtaking strong racers including Halie Harrison, Talia Gangini and Lina Augaitis. Check out 2014 Standup World Series Long Distance race results below.

2014 stand up world series finals, fiona wylde

2014 Standup World Series Finals Long Distance Champion Fiona Wylde. Photo: Waterman League


1. Kai Lenny: HI
2. Riggs Napoleon: HI
3. Mo Freitas: HI
4. Jake Jensen: AUS
5. Titouan Puyo: NC
6. Casper Steinfath: DK
7. Eric Terrien: FR
8. Arthur Arutkin: FR
9. Robert Territehau: PYF
10. Kaeo Abbey: HI
11. Arthur Daniel: FR
12. Paul Jackson: AUS
13. Noa Ginella: HI
14. Dylan Frick: RSA
15. Zane Schweitzer: HI
16. Kawika Kinimaka: HI
17. Peter Dorries: AUS
18. Fritchof Sach: GER
1. Fiona Wylde: USA
2. Angela Jackson: AUS
3. Sonni Honscheid: GER
4. Halie Harrison: HI
5. Talia Gangini: HI
6. Lina Augaitis: CAN
7. Lara Claydon: HI
8. Noelani Sach: GER
9. Kelsa Gabehart: USA

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