This summer, is hosting a pair of SUP movies for your viewing pleasure.

First off, SUP magazine is proud to present 5UP P1RATE5, a film from Infinity SUP and Dave Boehne. 5UP P1RATE5 follows a band of merry paddlers as they surf the planet on a quest to avoid taking themselves too seriously. And aside from the shenanigans, the film features some incredible wave riding (check out the trailer).

No matter where you’re at in the world, 5UP P1RATE5′ world premiere is June 15 at 5pm, Pacific Standard Time, on Plus, if you’re in the Southern California area that weekend (hopefully for the second stop of the U.S. SUP Tour), then get over to Dana Point’s Stillwater Spirits and Sounds. Doors open at 6pm and a live screening of 5UP P1RATE5 begins at 8pm, all ages welcome (see flyer, below).

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“5UP P1RATE5” OFFICIAL TRAILER // INFINITY SUP 2013 from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.’s second film of the summer is iAfrica, a whitewater flick from Corran Addison Designs. Check out the trailer here and look for release info soon.