Video | Santa Clause is Coming to…the Lake? | New York

As everyone knows, Christmas Eve is go-time for Santa and his elvish helpers. The team has less than 24 hours, one sled and the humble horsepower of eight crazy reindeer to successfully deliver a globe’s worth of gifts across an international array of hopeful kids, all for the modest payment of more cookies than any man can handle and a reputation for being overweight, overly hairy and far too jolly for a man with such a stressful job.

So what’s ol’ Saint Nich’s secret? What sort of off-season sledding regiment empowers Santa to deliver a world’s worth of dreams in a single evening equipped with just one sled (eat your heart out USPS). The answer is a simple secret: Santa is a SUP man.

See for yourself in this sighting of Santa and what we presume to be his team of stunt-doubles, standup paddling on Greenwood Lake, New York, earlier this season in preparation for their annual rush-hours, so to speak.

Kinda makes ya think: If only Santa would lay off the sugar cookies, the guy could actually be in pretty good shape!

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