Video | Copencold Hawaii | Denmark Bids For 2017 ISAs

Casper Steinfath and his hometown of Denmark are submitting a bid to bring the ISA Worlds to Copencold Hawaii.  The idea is to split the competition’s events two locations—distance racing in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and waves/technical racing in Steinfath’s hometown in Cold Hawaii (a place that is exactly as it sounds). Copencold…get it?

The benefits of such a move are valid. World-class distance-racing in Copenhagen, surprisingly good waves in Cold Hawaii. But that’s kinda the thing. It’s cold. Stormy. Hooded wetsuits and weeks of grey days. Will the paddle people really rally for the polar opposite of the event’s current location in tropical paradise? Just sayin’…We’re down, regardless.

If Denmark strikes your fancy, try Scotland on for size. Our digital feature puts you there.

Casper Steinfath surfs Cold Hawaii

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