Pedaling and Paddling in a Swiss Blizzard

SUP in the middle of winter isn’t for every paddler. And SUP in the middle of a snowstorm…really, is that for any paddler?

Thomas Oschwald isn’t just any paddler. He’s a die-hard dedicated to paddling no matter the fury of the flurry. Here we find Oschwald in a scenic and snow shrouded sanctuary we assume must be somewhere in his homeland of Switzerland. He bikes through the snow with an inflatable on his back until reaching a pristine lake, at which point a storm fills in and the snow begins to fall. Not one to be discouraged by a little pow, Oschwald takes a long and leisurely SUP through this winter wonderland.

Let this serve as a reminder that A) with the right attire and safety gear, winter can be among the most spectacular seasons for SUP, and B) whining isn’t warranted…your local paddling spot could be a whole lot colder. After all, you don’t see Oschwald complaining, do you?

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