Video | Paddling with the Pod

Dolphins are among the smartest animals on the planet next to humans, and some would argue they’re even smarter than some humans. They have emotions, learn from each other, and most importantly, they have fun. Observation has even shown that dolphins participate in surfing, playing catch, tag, and even playing with humpback whales. So it’s no surprise that humans have a strong affinity with the playful aquatic counterparts.

In this video, a paddler gets some bonding time with a friendly pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins just off the coast of Laguna Beach, CA. The dolphins swim alongside him and even turn around at one point to look at him. One has to wonder if these dolphins are fond of the paddler, or if they’re just Jimi Hendrix fans…

Watch this paddler go surfing with dolphins.

This paddler gets a little too close to an orca whale.