Every Man Has His (Dog) Day

Aussies Unite for Famous SUP Pup Race In Celebration of “Australia Day”

When it comes to Australia Day, the Aussies tend to get a little weird with their celebrations. That day in late January, Australians participate in events like…say, Tunarama, where contenders challenge one another to see who can throw a tuna fish the farthest. Even stranger are the Cockroach World Championships, where Australians gather to race cockroaches around a hotel. But for the paddling community, there is the Every Man and His Dog SUP event.

This paddling event features multiple divisions of SUP racing, but none more intriguing than the “Every Man and His Dog” SUP race. This race includes paddlers and their paddling pooches duking it out to be crowned champion. It’s a race inspired by having fun and by the looks of it, every paddler and dog really does have its day.

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