7th Annual Noodles Special Olympics SUP Races

Special Olympics Florida is a leader when it comes to adaptive paddling events. Over the past few years, they’ve worked to give those with special needs the opportunity to paddle and compete in an encouraging and positive environment. This video gives us a glimpse of the action at their most recent race, the 7th Annual Noodles Special Olympics SUP Luau Races in Naples, Florida.

The popular event featured something for everyone with both competitive and family SUP races taking place prior the main event, the Special Olympics race. The athletes had a great time on the water and were all grinning ear-to-ear as the crowd cheered them on across the finish line. This included paddler Hayley Kabana–seen crossing finish line at 1:12–who recently competed in and finished the 3.5 mile open division race at the Carolina Cup. It’s just another great example of the joy that both SUP and the Special Olympics have brought to this very important community of paddlers.


Inspiring story of Hayley Kabana’s journey from the Special Olympics to the Carolina Cup.

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