Kyron and the Chocolate Factory from Fanatic International on Vimeo.

Boring with Kyron Rathbone

Kyron Rathbone is a Tasmanian. There’s a reason that devil is associated with that word—and it’s not just the furry mammal that is its namesake. The people from that relatively little island off the south coast of Australia are a hearty, hard-charging breed. One example: Rathbone often charges Shipstern’s Bluff, the death slab at the end of the world, on his SUP. That alone is enough to certify someone as insane.

In this video we get further proof of the Australian’s lust for hair-raising adventure as he rides the Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Arman, Malaysia. His stoked is palpable as he rides the waves and talks to the camera about what it’s like to ride such a destructive force of nature. One of his rides timed in at 28 minutes and at the end of the video lightning strikes near him and knocks him down to the deck of his board. He just laughs it off like it’s just another adventure. And for Rathbone, we suppose it is.

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