Arctic Summers | Paddling in Northern Canada

For many people, just the thought of paddleboarding in the Arctic is enough to send a chill through their bones. Frigid temperatures and icy landscape make it a no-go zone for SUP, right? Well, not exactly. While we can’t recommend paddling during the frigid arctic winters, summertime is a whole different story. In this video, we find a strong paddling community in the sub-arctic Canadian city of Yellowknife.

The town of 20,000 people is surrounded by waterways, making it a perfect spot for SUP during its warm season. While the winter temps stay well below zero, summer offers beautiful paddling weather with the mercury soaring into the 60s. Not to mention, its proximity to the North Pole means that during summer, you can virtually paddle 24 hours a day in sunlight. So if you want a unique paddling experience, look no further than this sub-arctic SUP destination.

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