Finding Balance with SUP Yoga

As you all know by now, SUP yoga is a big deal. At this very moment in waterways across the world, yogis are twisted into positions on their boards that don’t even seem possible on land, much less on the water. But for those of us who have yet to partake in this tone-transforming pastime, we may not understand the hype. Well luckily for us, the beautiful ladies in this video are here to give us a lesson.

While SUP yoga incorporates physical challenges of balance and flexibility like traditional yoga, the freedom of being on the water invokes a more spiritual experience. Instead of being surrounded by walls in a studio, they are surrounded by nature. Naturally, this open environment is more conducive to a meditative experience that will truly calm the mind. But don’t take our word for it, these nimble yogis show you just how peaceful and beautiful the sport can be. Namaste.