If you surf in California you’ve heard of The Ranch. It’s as mythical as any stretch of sand in California and for good reasons: beautiful weather, pristine landscape, and, of course, perfect waves. It may not always be that way. Developers have been pressing (and mostly failing)  to cash in on the landscape for decades by putting large developments and golf courses over the rolling hills north of Santa Barbara. For years, the Surfrider Foundation has been there to fight them.

The Twenty, an upcoming documentary from Surfrider, explores the Gaviota coast and tells the story of the fight to protect some of the last undeveloped coastline in Southern California. While it may be a bit dramatic, it provides some serious food for thought. For more discussion, check out an interview with filmmaker Scott Walker about the movie on Adventure-Journal.com.

For more info, visit: Surfrider.org

–Will Taylor