Brothers Tandem SUP Surfing

A bond between brothers is one of the strongest connections there is. That sentiment rings especially true in the surfing and paddling world, where it is not uncommon to see brothers and sisters pushing each other to the limit (i.e. Izzi and Giorgio Gomez). Battling it out to see who can catch the biggest wave, nail the sickest turn or get the deepest barrel. While that’s how most siblings compete out in the water, brothers Julien and Camille Bouyer decided they wanted to do things a little different.

Instead of competing they joined forces, on the same board. The Bouyer brothers took an inflatable SUP out to their home break on the French island of Île de Ré. While tandem surfing an inflatable SUP would be hard enough in small waves, these two decided to try their luck in overhead swell. This led to several entertaining wipeouts, but the brothers managed to pull off some solid rides and one of ’em even nabs a little barrel around the 1:17 mark. So have a look, and then grab the closest human and go give tandem SUP surfing a whirl. Just don’t expect to get barrelled on your first wave.

Don’t want to share a board with a human? You can always tandem SUP surf with your dog!

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