Chris Bertish to Attempt Transatlantic SUP Crossing

South African waterman Chris Bertish is gearing up to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a standup paddleboard.

This big-wave surfer and all-around waterman will be the newest paddler to attempt an unassisted, transatlantic SUP crossing. Bertish will begin his expedition in Morocco with the goal of reaching Florida–including stops in the Canary and Caribbean Islands. In total, Bertish plans to paddle 4,500 miles in 120 days.

As you may remember, this is not the first time someone’s attempted to cross the Atlantic by way of standup paddleboard. Earlier this year, Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay set off from Africa’s Cape Verde with dreams of reaching the Caribbean island of Martinique. Within less than 24 hours, those dreams nearly ended in death when Jarossay’s prototype SUP flipped and he was unable to self-right his rig. It was a testament to the preparedness and experience required to cross an ocean by oneself.

Thankfully, Bertish has no shortage of preparation. He has been preparing for not one…not two…but five long years. In the video above, check out what Bertish has to say about his extraordinary attempt and how he plans to help charities and school kids along the way.


What went wrong with Nicolas Jarossay’s failed transatlantic attempt.