Conversessions Trailer: Boehne

You know Dave Boehne. He’s been at the forefront of the SUP revival for years. He’s a skilled surfer, designer and an outspoken supporter of all things SUP. Get a peek inside his mind in this new teaser for the new Brent Deal film, Conversessions.

And if you’re in the Southern California area, come catch the world premiere of the film at the Infinity Dana Point on Friday, August 25! More details to come.

What do you do when a legend is talking? You listen. What do you do when three legends are talking? You make a movie about it. In this case, executive producers Erik Antonson and Erik Logan and award-winning director Brent Deal (H2Indo, H2Mexico, Chasing Gold) teamed up to capture candid interviews and SUP surfing footage of standup paddling godfathers Dave Kalama, Colin McPhillips and Dave Boehne. The conversations range from fatherhood to originality to following your own path and are set to the trio tearing apart lineups from Costa Rica to Mexico. If you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll be a fan of this movie.

The film will be released in August and is presented by us, SUP magazine. Check back soon for a premiere date and more trailers.

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