Couch SUP Surfing with Dogman and Ploon

It appears as though Roger “Dogman” Saunders has a mission to invent a new sport…couch surfing. No, we’re not talking about that one dude who’s always bouncing from one friend’s couch to another on a nightly basis. We are literally talking about surfing couch chairs. As you may remember, the Dogman debuted this wacky new sport a couple months ago with this classic video. Now he’s released a sequel to the original and this time he brought a friend, Ploon. The duo star in this hilarious edit that feels like an offbeat blend between a surf video and a classic Laurel and Hardy skit. So sit back and enjoy standup paddling’s newest sub-sport, couch surfing.


The Dogman’s original couch surfing video.

Roger Saunders shreds on a more traditional SUP.