Dave Kalama Unwinding in Mammoth


Standup paddling is still relatively new compared to other watersports, but that doesn’t mean our sport doesn’t have its legends. The pioneers of paddling that laid the groundwork for a sport that only a decade ago, was nearly unheard of. While SUP’s list of legends is not long, Dave Kalama is undoubtedly one of them. He’s one of the most well-recognized figures in our sport and has been an ambassador for SUP since the very beginning.

However, even the legends need to unwind and get away from it all every once in a while. For Dave, that means a paddling adventure in the scenic Mammoth Lakes region of California’s famed Sierra Nevada mountain range. In this video, Dave enjoys paddling through natural canals, SUP fishing on gorgeous lakes and camping in one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful locations.

Learn from the master himself at SUP Magazine’s upcoming Maui Dream Retreat on April 24-28 at Maui’s famed Maliko Run.

Witness Dave Kalama tearing it up in a very different location, Indonesia