Disclaimer: This video is not about standup paddling.

It’s an edit of champion prone paddler Jack Bark catching ridiculously fun-looking glides with buddies Dave Kalama and Kai Lenny in perfect downwind conditions on Columbia Gorge, Hood River, Oregon. The appeal to standup paddlers is three-fold. First, Jack Bark is son of legendary shaper Joe Bark and both are revered figures in all of paddlesports. Second, radical downwinding is radical downwinding, no matter how you stroke it. In that arena Bark is an expert, and the skills he demonstrates here apply to both prone and standup technique. Third, the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge is coming up August 19-20 at the location pictured here and we’re getting excited. Like, really excited. We’ll be covering the race from Hood River and bringing you live updates during the races on SUPthemag.com.

Different strokes for different folks, sure, but any paddler can appreciate this.

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