Destinations | A Dreamy SUP Getaway on Siargao Island

Some vacations are better than others. Not that we have anything against Disneyland (actually we’re raging Goofy fans), but a “getaway” to Northern LA County hardly compares to, say, a getaway on the small island of Siargao in the Philippines. This dreamy island is home to lush palms, white sand and friendly locals. It’s reefs and beach breaks are cordially receptive to fun-sized swells perfect for SUP surfing. Here we find an adventurous SUP woman on a solo-escape in Siargao. She spends her time traveling the island via board-mounted motorbike, relaxing in the shade of palm trees and SUP surfing grade-A peaks in crystal-clear tropical water. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for your next SUP-inspired vacation, Siargao is an option we highly recommend. At the very least, it sure beats the hell out of Disneyland in our book (sorry Goofy).

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