A Dreamy Week In Maui

What’s better than a week of vacation? A week of vacation where you learn to paddle in one of the best locations on the planet for SUP with the best instructors in the sport.

That’s exactly what went down at the Maui Dream Retreat this spring. Participants enjoyed daily Maliko Runs, relaxing at the peaceful Lumeria Maui and training with some of the most knowledgeable paddlers in the sport, including Zane Schweitzer, Suzie Cooney and Jeremy Riggs. Honking downwinders, mellow SUP surf sessions, morning yoga classes, locally sourced food, beach workouts and more were all on the docket.

The crew came away raving.

“We've traveled with the "world's best" adventure outfits … yet what SUPthemag managed to put together blew every prior experience out of the water,” wrote participant Laura Williamson.

Williamson wasn’t alone.

“While this may have started as a dream vacation or a brilliant escape from day to day life, it turned out to be much more: an introduction to a new sport, gaining friendships, and most of all, the confidence that comes from doing something, that at first glance seems impossible,” wrote Jane Bocker.

That’s what our Dream Retreats are all about: spreading the stoke. Stay tuned for news on our next one!

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Thank you to Dos Equis, SIC Maui, Black Project, and Shelta Hats for making this event possible!